"Upon My Daughter" - Gazelle Samizay at Santa Monica Art Studios

  • Santa Monica Art Studios, Hangar Gallery 3026 Airport Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405

"Upon My Daughter" celebrates March 2017 as International Women’s Month.

South Asian Diaspora artist Gazelle Samizay’s photography and audio visual time based art are conveying the uncomfortable silences a South Asian family experience when expressing their values in a cultural context.

There is a veil of abstraction to obscure critiques of cultural and social customs, underlying question of such complex issues about female subjugation by family, culture, or governments transcends borders and need to be questioned and challenged in every society.

Artist statement

My work comes to life in the moment of absence. I explore what Lacan called the “transmission of silence” in which a repression of an event is silently passed between generations, leaving each generation with the burden of an unspoken trauma. I perceive this silence among varyinggenerations of Afghans, despite crossing national borders or changing notions of identity. I perform and record rituals that express this transmission of silent trauma, across multiple generations of diasporic Afghan women.